Alex Krewiak

Used for our company Christmas Party and the limo was in terrible condition, kept stalling and the electrical was shorting. Driver pulled over and made everyone get out in the middle of winter, then looked under the hood and confirmed there was something wrong. The burning smell was awful the heater wasn’t working properly and the music kept shorting out. Everyone was very uncomfortable and we were very late for our reservation. When we tired to call the company there was no answer and we filled out a form from an automated text message that no one responded to. Sent an email as well and still haven’t heard back. We were also told we could pay the night of and the credit card was just to hold the reservation, they did not let us pay the night of and they had no problem charging the card and not getting back to us on the terrible experience. *UPDATE* I received a call from Randy asking about this review, and told him about our experience. He did then confirm that something was wrong with the limo and asked what we would like done. I told him I don’t think we got the service we had paid for and would like the situation to be rectified. He then told me they would refund us $100 out of the $150 that we paid. I said great that is very much appreciated. He then asked if I would take down the review and I told him I would update it. A couple days later he called again and asked why the review was not taken down. I told him we have yet to receive the refund to which he replied that they were only going to give us the refund if we took down the review. I told him I didn’t think that is how customer service worked and everything that was said in the review is what happened. Why would we take down a review after a poor experience paying full price and without anything being rectified. He then said he would have to check with accounting and hung up. This was one week ago, still no refund and no word since. Very disappointing customer service after a very disappointing experience.