Leah Babstock

AM PM Picked my colleagues and I up for our Christmas Party. We had to drive approximately 25 minutes to get to our location. Once all 14 of us were in the limo, it got quite warm, we then asked for the air conditioning to be turned on and we were told it was broken. We also attempted to hook up our own music via aux cord, however that wouldn’t work either, so we were stuck listening to the radio. We had only been driving for a short period of time when we started to smell something burning, it was very evident the limo was not operating correctly and we were concerned for our safety given the burning smell. Considering the vehicles condition our driver drove rather slow as a precaution. Upon exiting the highway, our driver pulled over and made us all get out (mid winter in holiday party attire), she checked the engine, confirmed something was indeed wrong and potentially burning but she instructed us all to get in anyways. We ended up being 20 minutes late for our scheduled event, due to the mechanical issues of the limo. We were also instructed to pay the night of, but the driver wouldn’t allow this due to the limo’s condition and that we should receive a discount. Upon trying to contact the limo company after the event, we were unsuccessful and the credit card on file to HOLD the reservation only, was charged the full amount. Our limo driver was kind and courteous given the situation, however I would NEVER book with this company again and the level of customer service received after our horrible experience was unacceptable.