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Calgary Party Bus Rental Prices

Calgary Party Bus Rental Prices

Calgary Party Bus Rental Prices

With Calgary Party Bus, we want you to be totally informed about what is what with your party bus and the cost for your event. We do offer 3 sizes of party buses for your use. The smallest is our Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mini Party Bus seating 16, the 24 seat Ford Party Bus and the GMC 5500 (Godzilla) Party Bus that seats up to 30.

There so many ways that Albertan’s have been using party buses. Any time you have a larger guest list and want a little more room to move, the party bus choice is a fantastic alternative.

Calgary Party Bus Rental Prices

Weddings, Graduation or Birthday parties to Stags or Stagettes (Bachelor or Bachelorette parties), or any special occasions. Staff parties, Sporting events, Christmas parties or sightseeing out in K Country, Banff, Canmore, Lake Louise out of town service is also provides for City/towns surrounding Calgary area Airdrie, Cochrane, Okotoks, Strathmore, Chestermere, Old’s, Party Buses keep everyone together and everyone home safe with no concerns about drinking and driving. And it’s always more fun with more people.

Pricing does depend on the party buses and how long you want it. When renting a party bus and sharing the costs with all on-board, makes the party bus route, the smartest, safest option.

Well, what are the Calgary Party Bus Rental Prices?

Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Mini Party Bus Limo – $175 to $200 per hour, seating/standing up to 16 – Truly a beautiful mini party bus. The interior of these (we have a couple) is something you might find in Disneyland (oh, it’s made in California btw, as are all of our buses). From the ceiling to the walls is a fabulous light show in itself, and of course high-quality leather abounds. Music is a big part of party buses and the Mercedes’ do not disappoint. The side-door entrance makes this a popular rental as a wedding limo as well.

Calgary Party Bus Rental Prices

Ford Party Bus – $225 to $275 per hour, seating/standing up to 24 – From large groups looking for a party on wheels to or a family looking to be together on way to a destination, is made all that much easier in the bus. Of course, the Ford Party Bus stands tall in delivering a superb interior light show and a sound system ready to satisfy your ears.

Calgary Party Bus Rental Prices

GMC Party Bus Or The Godzilla Party Bus- $270 to $299 per hour, seating/standing up to 30 – When you have to go big, how about Godzilla Party Bus big? These totally luxurious party buses deliver in so many ways. Whether it’s a Wedding, office gang, family functions, tours of K Country and beyond, birthdays, Grads or the ultimate in Stag or Stagette parties, the Godzilla Party Bus delivers the disco-on-wheels experience like no other.

What is a Party Bus?

The best explanation would be to take a look around. There are so many different businesses using the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter type as delivery or utility vehicles.

Same with the Ford F450 Party Bus. It was just a Ford F450 before being gutted and re-made with everything luxury from the leather seating to the walls to the ceiling and with high-powered woofer sound. Maybe you’ve seen them with their regular seats.

The GMC 5500 Party Bus or The Godzilla Party Bus, just like the Ford and Mercedes, have been custom designed to deliver a un-bus effect that has you thinking maybe you’re in a disco on wheels.

You will find some who offer a Party Bus, only to have a school bus Calgary Party Bus Rental Prices

show up at your front door. Some have even kept them in that beautiful orange school bus colour. Ohhhhh. At Calgary Party Bus, we offer the true use of the word Party Bus. 16, 24 or 30 passengers heading to their destination in the finest buses on the streets of Alberta.

Why Calgary Party Bus?

Knowing you are dealing with professionals whose only job is making sure you get the best ride, at your time, and a price that is guaranteed to be the lowest.

We invite you to see all of our luxury vehicles on our website. Again, some companies show vehicles they don’t own, and when they get an order for it, they farm it out to another company (Hi Mom!). Calgary Party Bus owns everything you will see on our website, with total dedication to the people we serve. Without you, we are not in business.

If you have any number of people looking for a limo package with a party bus, or just to prepare a quotation, visit us at and fill out the form. Or, call us at 403-475-5555 until 10 pm. After 10 pm? Leave a message, we will return your call the next day.

Party on Wayne. Party on Garth.