Tuesday, 19 December 2017

How to get a limousine quote in Calgary.

How to get a limousine quote in Calgary.

If you are a first-time limo shopper you will find that limousine companies require a lot of information to be able to provide a simple quote. But there is catch that. Whenever you need limousine service or any other type of service you must tell the service provider what type of service you are actually looking for or what your needs are.

Following is the list of things that you must have before you call limo companies to get rates if you follow the guidelines you will find that you will get most accurate quotation from most of the companies.

Here is what’s needed for you to get an accurate quote.

Date of your event?

Is it a one way service or if you’ll be needing a return trip?

Do you want to hire the limousine service for the whole time or you just need to get there and then come back?

Do you want to have the driver waiting outside when you are in the restaurant or at your event?

How many passengers are in your party this is very important because this will determine what type of vehicle you would be renting. As you will be surprised limousines can fit up to 1-30 passengers. The bigger the vehicle more the rate.

Please go on the limo websites and determine what type of vehicle you need. Would you be needing a party bus that seats 24 passengers or would you be needing a stretch limousine or a Hummer Limo

What is it for ? is this for a wedding , business trip, graduation etc?

The reason why you want to be upfront with the limousine company then they will get a best honest rate. A lot of times people think that if they tell the limousine company if it’s for a wedding or a graduation they will automatically increase the price.

Most limo companies do charge a premium to provide graduation and wedding service because those times are the busiest for limousine companies. But when you provide all the info to limo companies they will figure it out them selves whats it for anyway so be upfront.

Where is the pick-up location and the drop off location?

If you’re based in the City of Calgary and getting picked up in Calgary and getting dropped off in Calgary then there is a set Limo rate. When you are picked up outside of Calgary for example Airdrie, Okotoks, Cochrane , High River , Strathmore some limousine companies do charge a premium for that.

Please make sure when you are researching go on the company’s website and make sure that they do have the vehicles in their Fleet that they are advertising. You can ask them about if they are located in Calgary or located outside of Calgary and Outsourcing their work to somebody in Calgary. If you want to have the best limo experience you want to make sure that you want to hire a local Limousine Company in Calgary or where ever you are, because then you will have more control over your reservation.

If you book through a third-party source for example party bus Canada, LX limo, they will book your ride and then forward you reservation to our local limousine service provider do you have to go through LX limo or party bus Canada and pay a premium ?where if you were dealing directly with the local company you will be getting a cheaper price for the same vehicle.

Best way is to ask if they are local. Make sure look at the phone numbers if you’re calling a 1-800 number or if you’re calling a local area code number. Make sure pictures on the web sites are real and are not taken from the internet. When the company calls you make sure the phone number they’re calling from is local again if it’s a local company you will find a better experience and lower rates.

Happy limo shopping!