Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Limousine sizes and seating capacity of limos avalible in Calgary Alberta

This article is about limousine sizes that are available in Calgary Alberta and the seating capacity of these vehicles.

If you are planning on renting a limousine in future please consider the seating capacity in every vehicle that is being offered to you by limousine providers in Calgary.
Two most common limousines that are available in Calgary are the Lincoln stretch limousine and Ford Expedition or Excursion limousine.

Lincoln stretch limousine can accommodate about seven to eight passengers comfortably and most of the limousine companies in Calgary advertise 10 passengers in this vehicle type.
Seating capacity also depends on size of people in your group if you have bigger people in your group then the Lincoln stretch limo might be only take 6 passengers comfortably.
Following is a picture of the vehicle that is called Lincoln stretch limo for your reference

The second type of limousine available is suv-type limo and that is called Ford Expedition or Ford Excursions. Ford Excursion is an older model vehicle. In Ford Expedition you can comfortably seat 10 to 12 passengers and most limousine providers in Calgary state the seating capacity at 14 for this vehicle type.

If you have larger size of people the Ford Expedition or Excursion limo could only Seat 8 – 10 passengers comfortably.
Following is a picture of a vehicle that is called Ford Expedition limo for your reference

There are so many limousine providers just to get the business they will try to up the seating capacity but when you get in these vehicles and if you are at the full capacity it is very uncomfortable unless if you are looking for a quick pick-up and drop-off, choose wisely and choose for comfort.

For a wedding party when everybody is dressed up and you only want to have so many people in the vehicle and you want to be comfortable on your wedding day otherwise if you’re sitting up too close to each other on a hot day then all of your dress will have wrinkles on it.

Happy limo shopping!